Sundays 9/13, 9/20, 10/4, 10/11, & 10/18

2:00pm to 4:00pm 

Bevelhymer Park in New Albany

3rd Annual Fall Academy Program

Advanced and Intermediate athletes who enroll in our Fall Academy program will train and compete alongside, and against, members of our Fall Elite Club Team commensurate their grade level throughout each session. Beginner athletes who enroll in our Fall Academy will work with our staff in small groups, joining our Fall Elite Club Team commensurate their grade level when appropriate.

Each Fall Academy session features 80 minutes of up-tempo training followed by 40 minutes of controlled 7V7 scrimmaging. During the training portion of our Fall Academy, Coach Harnett and staff train players in a carefully scripted series of individual player development, positional development, and competitive team play skill set training progressions. Following each training period, Coach Harnett and his staff then direct controlled scrimmages where learning and training meet live play and competition in a proven cadence.

G7A welcomes and accommodates all skill levels from beginner to advanced, entering grades 4-12. Players will train and compete in focused groups based on their grade division and level of play to ensure a high standard of quality in each of the following areas: lacrosse education, meaningful repetitions, field direction, continuity of training/play, individual player attention, and player safety.

Our goal is to help build the complete player, distinctly, while teaching the modern fundamentals of our game as a spring board to future success. G7A Fall Academy boasts the top-flight caliber of instruction, training, coaching, and field direction akin to national level elite club programs in the disciplines of core competency acquisition, modern player development, and competitive team play/IQ… for all athletes regardless of club experience or club participation. We welcome all players, club and non-club, from all areas, organizations, and teams.

About Our Academy Programs

G7A Lacrosse is Central Ohio’s premier K-12 lacrosse education and lacrosse enrichment company. While our programming is deep and robust, enrollment is very limited to ensure meaningful impact and lasting value.

Our field lacrosse and box lacrosse academies are dedicated to meticulously prepare aspiring student-athletes to succeed and lead at the next level of their lacrosse career. Our unique and progressive player development curriculum, modern skill set training progressions, and competitive team development model are unparalleled in Central Ohio.

The cornerstone of our  programming is the personalized field direction and coaching of Coach Harnett using cutting edge philosophies, concepts, and skill set training progressions that he has mastered during his time as a NCAA DI Coach, Professional Box Lacrosse Coach, and Lacrosse Program Director at the Private K-12 Scholastic and National Club levels. Coach Harnett is a proven educator with a unique and storied history of developing players, teams, and programs at every level of the game.

The G7A Lacrosse is dedicated to Excellence in Tradition, Sportsmanship, and Community. The organization is designed to support and empower our communities aspiring athletes, area athletic associations, and high school lacrosse programs. Our passion is to distinctively BETTER and DEEPEN the game of lacrosse. We welcome all players from all areas, organizations, and teams!

We play Fun, Fast, and Fundamental, with a great deal of respect for the past and an undeniable understanding of the future of our game. Our program puts a premium on teaching the process, not the result.




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